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The IdealKnee was developed on the IdealStretch frame and originally adapted for use in treating post-operative flexion contractures in ACL and knee replacement surgery by Dr. Donald Shelbourne and the Shelbourne Knee Center, Community Hospital. Today, the IdealKnee is adopted by professionals and incorporated into patient treatment protocols.

Why Choose the IdealKnee

Why Choose the IdealKnee?

You can’t fully recover from any knee surgery and expect long-term success without regaining full range of motion. Much like the IdealStretch, the IdealKnee is highly effective, affordable for home and clinical use, comfortable and easy to use.

Additional Resources

Videos & Additional Resources

Find more tips and advice about the IdealKnee with video demonstrations and additional resources. You’ll discover tips from chiropractors, physicians and other users of both IdealStretch and IdealKnee.

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IdealKnee Press
IdealKnee Press
IdealKnee Press
IdealKnee Press
IdealKnee Press

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