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Use the IdealStretch to properly stretch all posterior muscles, ligaments and tendons running from the lower back all the way down to the plantar facia. Lightweight, portable, safe and effective.

IdealStretch Benefits

What does the IdealStretch do?

The IdealStretch provides unmatched support for hamstring, hip and groin stretches. As a go-to tool from chiropractors, physical therapists and consumers at home, the IdealStretch is packed with benefits you'll love.

How to Use the IdealStretch

How Do I Use the IdealStretch?

The IdealStrech is highly intuitive and easy to use. Follow our quick tips to use the tool when stretching your hamstrings, hips or groin muscles. You'll be surprised just how well it can help you properly stretch.

Additional Resources

Videos & Additional Resources

Find more tips and advice about the IdealStretch with video demonstrations and additional resources. You'll discover tips from chiropractors, physicians and other users of both IdealStretch and IdealKnee.

The IdealStretch Has Appeared In

IdealStretch Press
IdealStretch Press
IdealStretch Press
IdealStretch Press
IdealStretch Press

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