The Stretches

Hamstring Stretching

The Hamstring Stretch

Stretching the Hamstrings can relieve back pain, alleviate disc pressure, improve posture and increase performance. While it provides an isolated stretch for your hamstrings, IdealStretch also provides you with a tool to effectively stretch your hip abductors, hip adductors (groin), and your gluteus muscles.

The Hip / IT Band Stretch

This Stretch can relieve lateral knee pain, gluteus pain and even some types of sciatica. Opening the outside of the hip helps with many sports and provides hip, lower back and lateral knee relief. People who sit a lot or participate in intense exercise usually shorten these muscles. This stretch is good for every body and especially for those experiencing Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).

Hip Stretching
Groin Stretching

The Groin / Abductor Stretch

Regaining adductor range of motion can improve hip longevity, maximize performance and reduce injury.

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