How To Properly Use the IdealStretch

The IdealStretch can be used in multiple ways to target tight hamstrings, hip abductors, and focuses on relieving lower back pain.

Hamstring Stretching

The Hamstring Stretch

Stretching the hamstrings can relieve back pain, alleviate disc pressure, improve posture and increase performance. While lying flat on your back, use the IdealStretch to effectively stretch the hamstring while maintaining proper hip alignment and relieving lower back pressure. This simple movement with our hamstring stretch device can be performed every day to generate results fast.

Hip Stretching

The Hip / IT Band Stretch

This stretch can relieve lateral knee pain, gluteus pain, and even some types of sciatica. Opening the outside of the hip is beneficial for almost everybody, but especially for athletes and those weekend warriors still pretending to be. While lying on your back, get into the proper position with the IdealStretch and slowly open your leg to the opposite side, stretching the gluteus medius and illiotibial band. This stretch provides hip, lower back, and lateral knee relief. People who spend extended periods of time sitting or participate in intense exercise usually shorten these muscles, causing tightness and decreasing performance. This stretch is especially beneficial for those experiencing Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).

Hip Stretching
Groin Stretching

The Groin / Abductor Stretch

While it provides an isolated stretch for your hamstrings, the IdealStretch also provides you with a tool to effectively stretch your hip abductors, hip adductors (groin), and your gluteus muscles. While lying on your back and using the IdealStretch, slowly open the hip until you feel a stretch within your groin and hip abductors. Regaining adductor range of motion can improve hip longevity, maximize performance, and reduce injury.

Why Stretching is Essential

With an increase in sedentary jobs over the past 50 years, the average American sits for more than half of their workday. When you spend an extended time sitting, you may experience weakened muscles, tight hips and hamstrings, and poor posture. By dedicating time each day for stretching with a stretching aid like the IdealStretch, you can combat these symptoms caused by a sedentary job.

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