The IdealStretch is a great option for individuals and physical therapists who are in need of a stretch device that can be used for hamstring stretching, leg flexibility, knee pain relief, and more.


The Importance of Hamstring Stretching

Hamstring stretching should be an essential part of a person’s daily routine, as it can help prevent injury, increase flexibility, improve posture, and assist in knee or back pain relief. Suffering from tight hamstrings is a common occurrence for many people, as many jobs require sitting for long periods of time.

The hamstrings have a significant influence on lower-back pain and knee pain. When hamstrings aren’t stretched properly, they can pull the pelvis down, which increases the risk of injury and causes stress on the lower back. Using a hamstring stretching device like the IdealStretch daily can help relieve knee pain and increase knee flexibility.

The IdealStretch and Physical Therapy

The IdealStretch is built to help individuals achieve their health goals, whether that be for rehabilitation, injury prevention, or increasing mobility. The IdealStretch’s innovative and easy-to-use design is great for individual exercises at a variety of facilities, such as physical therapy offices, rehabilitation centers, chiropractic offices, health clubs, and more.

The IdealStretch can be used for multiple types of stretches, including hamstring, hip, IT band, and groin stretches. This stretching aid helps patients effectively stretch problem areas while maintaining proper hip alignment and relieving lower-back stress. Physical therapists around the country have recommended the IdealStretch for individuals to use in the office and at home.

IdealStretch Benefits

Benefits of Idealstretch

The IdealStretch provides unmatched support for hamstring, hip and groin stretches. As a go-to tool from chiropractors, physical therapists and consumers at home, the IdealStretch is packed with benefits you’ll love.

How to Use the IdealStretch

How Do I Use the IdealStretch Stretching aid?

The IdealStrech is highly intuitive and easy to use. Follow our quick tips to use the tool when stretching your hamstrings, hips or groin muscles. You’ll be surprised just how well it can help you properly stretch.

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