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I have always had tight muscles in my lower extremities and being a physical therapist I know how important it is to maintain flexibility. It feels as though there is a partner there with you advancing the stretch each time. I would highly recommend this device for patients because they are able to use techniques such as contract-relax by themselves and in the meantime relieving pressure from their lower back. 

Dr. Michael Barnett

Doctor of Physical Therapy

I have personally used the IdealStretch and it was so easy and effective. The IdealStretch is, by far, the most cost-effective and well-built piece of equipment I have ever seen for stretching the hamstrings and hips. If people knew how important the hamstrings are to their spinal health, everybody would use the Ideal Stretch. It is a must-have for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Rehab centers, personal trainers and health clubs.

Dr. Len DeFazio


I really like the product. I had back surgery on Feb 1st and was looking for something like your product and ran across your web- site. My wife is a Physical Therapist and I am a certified National Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I just was ranked 15th in the U S Powerlifting Bench Press and continue to try and keep powerlifting with some of my disc issues. I am a true believer in the value of your product.

Mark Saldana


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