IdealKnee Comfort Plus

IdealKnee Comfort Plus

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Our signature knee stretching device, the IdealKnee, with two comfort straps. When used properly, the IdealKnee will aid the treatment for flexion contractures and other conditions preventing full knee recovery and return you to the activities and level you seek. Add extra comfort to your stretch with the included comfort straps.


The IdealKnee is made from lightweight, high-strength steel. The IdealKnee has a wide range of adjustments for users of all sizes. Included with the IdealKnee Comfort Plus are (2) two comfortable/washable proximal straps and an instruction card.

  • The IdealKnee Comfort Plus is our luxury edition of knee pain exercise equipment. This bundle offers two comfort pads that can be placed across the velcro straps of the knee stretcher for the most comfortable stretching experience.
  • The IdealKnee has been used to treat knee-related injuries for over 13 years. Recovering full range of motion after injury or knee surgery is much easier and more comfortable with proper support using our knee stretching device.
  • The IdealKnee along with the included comfort straps help relieve stress of the knee’s ligaments and muscles while offering a superior hamstring and calf stretching experience.
  • The IdealKnee was designed by experts in the Physical Therapy field and has been recommended as a go-to recovery tool for a variety of individuals from athletes to the average Joe.
  • The IdealKnee not only offers stability and rigidity to provide knee stretch support but also can be collapsed down to a portable size for knee pain relief on the go!

4 reviews for IdealKnee Comfort Plus

  1. Timothy G. (verified owner)

    greatly helped my rehab from knee replacement surgery.

  2. Becky (verified owner)

    Great help after my knee surgery! Thank you!

  3. Amy Swensen (verified owner)

  4. Jeffery Cantrell (verified owner)

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