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The IdealKnee, when used properly, will aid the treatment for flexion contractures and other conditions preventing full recovery and return to the activities and level we seek. This patent-pending design is the most affordable and easiest to use device for knee stretching.


This is the most cost-effective knee extension stretch device for alleviating contractures of the knee (common in post-operative knee surgeries including ACL, MCL, full knee replacement, and meniscus repair procedures) that prevent full knee extension – a safe return to full activity requires a full range of motion.


This knee strengthening equipment can be used on a table, chair, floor, or bed. The unique leg stretch design allows the user to apply incredible force with minimal effort – follow passive resistance treatment protocols generally prescribed by orthopedic specialists anywhere and in perfect comfort.


The IdealKnee is a safe and simple-to-use fitness stretching machine. Assembly and size adjustment takes just a few seconds. The non-mechanical design means no risk of further knee injury from application of excessive force.


The IdealKnee is used in physical therapy and orthopedic practices across the country and world-renowned experts in orthopedic rehabilitation have contributed to programs for proper use.


The lightweight/high-strength steel frame is made of the highest quality using heavy-duty construction.

The IdealKnee is made from lightweight, high-strength steel. The IdealKnee has a wide range of adjustments for users of all sizes. Included with the IdealKnee is a comfortable/washable proximal strap and an instruction card.

  • The IdealKnee with Card and Comfort Pad includes one Knee stretching device, an Instructional Card for proper use, and a Comfort Pad for added cushion and support.
  • The IdealKnee offers an instructional road map assisting with Knee pain relief, aiding in the treatment of postoperative flexion contractures from ACL and knee replacement surgery. Each unit comes with an informative instructional card, providing users access to the proper way to use the knee stretching equipment.
  • The IdealKnee has been recommended by Physical Therapists for years as an effective recovery tool for Knee-related injuries. Along with physical therapy for the knee, using a knee stretcher after surgery can aid in recovering mobility and flexibility resulting in a better range of motion.
  • The included Comfort Pad provides additional padding on the strap for a more comfortable stretching experience, helping the user relieve muscle and ligament stress with knee stretch support.
  • The IdealKnee has unique collapsing takedown points that allow the unit to be adjusted for height or shifted into a portable and travel size package. The lightweight metal tubing and construction make this knee pain exercise equipment not only rigid and stable for stretching, but also easy and convenient to use and store.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7.26 × 8 in


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Why Choose the IdealKnee?

You can’t fully recover from any knee surgery and expect long-term success without regaining full range of motion. The IdealKnee is highly effective, affordable for home and clinical use, comfortable and portable.

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