IdealStretch Calf Wedge

IdealStretch Calf Wedge

Stay flexible and pliable with the IdealStretch Calf Wedge. The Calf Wedge provides additional targeting of the calf and anterior knee ligaments. Preventing injury is not only possible but simple with this addition to the IdealStretch.

The Wedge is simple to attach and easily fastens with the Velcro strap.

The Wedge’s unique use with the IdealStretch allows for ankle flexion stretches safely without the impact of weight and gravity.


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  • The IdealStretch Calf Wedge provides an improved stretching experience by enabling a deeper and more complete stretch with our IdealStretch leg and calf stretching device.
  • The IdealStretch Calf Wedge was designed to help the user achieve the fullest calf and hamstring stretch without the risk of leg buckling during a normal stretch. This is achieved using the rigidity and stability of the IdealStretch device in combination with the additional calf wedge for a deeper leg stretch.
  • The Calf Wedge can be placed at the base of the foot, allowing the calf and anterior knee ligaments to be flexed safely outside of the normal range of the IdealStretch device.
  • The IdealStretch is a safe stretching aid and offers the user a tool to help prevent normal exercise-related injuries while still achieving maximum extension with the IdealStretch Calf Wedge.
  • The IdealStretch Calf Wedge is constructed with quality materials to provide strength and ensure stability and longevity in use.


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