IdealStretch With Instructional DVD

IdealStretch With Instructional DVD


The IdealStretch with Instructional DVD provides its users with basic and advanced stretching techniques to use with the IdealStretch. With proper technique provided in this DVD, you’ll find mechanically correct and pressure-free stretching of all muscles, ligaments, and tendons running from the lower back all the way down to the plantar fascia.

Lightweight metal and heavy-duty mesh construction.

Lightweight, portable, easy to assemble, no moving parts, safe and effective. Works great for people of all fitness and flexibility levels.

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  • The IdealStretch device is helpful for overall leg and back stretching. Leg stretches can provide relief from back and knee pain. This fitness stretching machine was designed for every level of user, from the average Joe to Olympic athletes, this is a useful piece of exercise equipment for back pain.
  • Included in this bundle is our Informational Card that provides direction for the basic use of the IdealStretch. Also, the Instructional DVD provides step-by-step tutorials for basic and advanced stretching techniques.
  • The IdealStretch device is made with lightweight metal and heavy-duty materials for rigidity and durability. The design was created to make each leg and back stretching device lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble.
  • This leg and calf stretcher provides stable and pressure-free stretching of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons running from the lower back down to the plantar fascia and even allows users to achieve an Achilles stretch.
  • Regular stretching of the calf and hamstring not only helps to relieve lower back and leg pain but also stretches and strengthens the posterior ligaments and tendons of the knee.


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